Grady Miller is an Americana & Blues group based out of Akron, Ohio. They perform all over the country, presenting well-crafted  original music in an eclectic mix of genres.

Cathy Grady (formerly Miller) is a songwriter, vocalist, and fiddler, with a wide range of styles and influences. Her powerful alto voice has shades of Etta James and Sippie Wallace, and has been compared to Bonnie Raitt and Joan Osbourne. She blends blues, folk and country into her unique style of fiddle and viola and although she was classically trained at the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University, she tries not to let it show.


Michael Grady is an award-winning, accomplished singer/songwriter and guitarist. He has an impressive catalog of songs that crossover a number of genres. His playing style is often compared to Eric Clapton, with a dexterity and sensibility all his own. His command of the guitar is phenomenal, as are his skills as a songwriter.


Together, they create a powerful blend of styles that captivates audiences with their variety and intensity. Their lyrics speak to the soul and take you along on a journey through the stories of life.

They freely move between Folk, Rock, and Blues to Country and Irish fiddling, but the essence of their sound lies at the crossroads of the Americana and Singer-Songwriter genres.

Check their calendar for dates when you can experience their live show near you!